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Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home

When you travel, it feels as if there are two worlds: your home and the rest of the world. When you step into a restaurant, this feeling is echoed, and it changes based on which restaurant you are in. Right around the corner from home, a restaurant may feel like you are in Thailand eating pad Thai, in America enjoying a cheese burger or in France eating snails. In other cases, you may be half way around the globe in a spot full of Aussies that makes you feel like you are back home. Hi, my name is Betina, and I love eating out and travelling. This blog looks at everything related to those concepts. It talks about the sense of home and away in restaurants. Whether you are a diner or a restaurateur, I hope you enjoy the diverse posts I include in this blog.


Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home

    The Evolution of Restaurant Design: Crafting Memorable Dining Experiences

    The design of a restaurant plays a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable dining experience. Over the years, there's been a significant evolution in restaurant design, with establishments striving to create unique, immersive environments that reflect their culinary ethos. This blog post will delve into the importance of restaurant design and how it contributes to the overall dining experience. The Importance of Design in Dining Crafting a memorable dining experience goes beyond serving delicious meals.

    2 Things To Consider When Hosting Your Wedding Reception At A Restaurant

    If you're planning a wedding reception, you may consider hosting it at a restaurant. There are several things to consider when making this decision. This article highlights two of the most important ones.  Location  Before you book a restaurant for your wedding reception, you need to consider its location. Is it convenient for your guests? If it's not centrally located, will guests be able to find it easily? You don't want your guests getting lost on their way to the reception.

    Knowing The Difference Between Cantonese And Szechuan Takeaway Dishes

    When you're browsing your local Chinese food takeaway menu, you'll likely notice there's a section for Cantonese dishes and a section for Szechuan dishes. If you'd like to branch out from your go-to takeaway dish and try something new, it can be helpful to understand the differences between these two types of Chinese cuisine to ensure you opt for a dish you will enjoy. Read on to learn about the classic traits and flavours of Cantonese and Szechuan cooking.

    Two Tips for Those Who Need To Have a Business Dinner at a Restaurant

    If you need to have a business dinner at a restaurant, you might find the tips below interesting. Don't book a restaurant that is romantic or that has small tables You should avoid going to any restaurant that has a romantic atmosphere or that has small tables. The reason for this is as follows: romantic restaurants tend to be quite dark. A lot of the time they are lit with a few dim wall sconces and some pretty tealights on the tables.

    4 Authentic Chinese Egg Dishes You Must Try

    If you enjoy egg-based dishes but typically opt for a classic chicken curry or beef chow mein when visiting a Chinese restaurant, you're missing out. A number of traditional Chinese dishes use egg as the main ingredient, and eggs are a popular source of protein across China. Here are four egg dishes to look out for the next time you visit a Chinese restaurant: Steamed Pork In Egg Custard Steamed pork in egg custard is a popular Cantonese dish that consists of seasoned ground pork layered with steamed egg.

    Two Benefits Of Holding Your Kid's Next Birthday Party At A Restaurant

    Commemorating your child's birthdays with a party each year is bound to become a memorable tradition as they grow up. But face it — as children grow, so does their circle of friends. Moreover, the older the kids are, the more of a mess they are likely to make with each passing birthday! Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should stop celebrating their big day. Instead, consider moving the venue away from your home and into a restaurant.

    The 8 Types of Chinese Cuisine: Which One Suits Your Taste

    China may be one country, but that doesn't mean it only has one type of cuisine. Given how big China is, it should come as no surprise that food varies from region to region. If you've noticed that you like some Chinese restaurants a lot more than others, it could be because they're all serving a different type of cuisine. With each type boasting different ingredients and cooking styles, you're bound to have favourites and least favourites.

    6 fish you might eat with your chips

    Fish and chips have become a mainstay in Australian cuisine, both as a takeaway food and as a restaurant dish. There are many different fish that can be used to make the meal -- here are some of the more common ones.  1. Flake Flake is a term used to refer to different species of small shark, in particular the gummy shark, although many other types may be used in fish and chips.