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Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home

When you travel, it feels as if there are two worlds: your home and the rest of the world. When you step into a restaurant, this feeling is echoed, and it changes based on which restaurant you are in. Right around the corner from home, a restaurant may feel like you are in Thailand eating pad Thai, in America enjoying a cheese burger or in France eating snails. In other cases, you may be half way around the globe in a spot full of Aussies that makes you feel like you are back home. Hi, my name is Betina, and I love eating out and travelling. This blog looks at everything related to those concepts. It talks about the sense of home and away in restaurants. Whether you are a diner or a restaurateur, I hope you enjoy the diverse posts I include in this blog.


Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home


Going for a First Date? Tips on How to Choose the Right Cafe

Cafes are the perfect place to take your better half for a date. Many couples visit cafes as they provide a suitable environment to catch up. The first date is quite a challenge for many people. If it goes wrong, the relationship could end prematurely. Below are tips on how to choose the best café for your first date.  Location  Location is a very critical factor when choosing a café for your first date.

Exploring Gujarati Cuisine

The western Indian state of Gujarat has a distinctive cuisine that mostly consists of vegetarian dishes. Meals often contain both sweet and sour foods, and pickled vegetables and flatbreads, such as chapattis, are popular accompaniments. Buttermilk is used liberally to add richness to traditional dishes, and popular spices include fenugreek, asafoetida and turmeric. Tamarind is a common ingredient in Gujarati curries and has a sour taste profile. Desserts and sweets rely heavily on dairy products, such as yogurt, curds and condensed milk.