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Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home

When you travel, it feels as if there are two worlds: your home and the rest of the world. When you step into a restaurant, this feeling is echoed, and it changes based on which restaurant you are in. Right around the corner from home, a restaurant may feel like you are in Thailand eating pad Thai, in America enjoying a cheese burger or in France eating snails. In other cases, you may be half way around the globe in a spot full of Aussies that makes you feel like you are back home. Hi, my name is Betina, and I love eating out and travelling. This blog looks at everything related to those concepts. It talks about the sense of home and away in restaurants. Whether you are a diner or a restaurateur, I hope you enjoy the diverse posts I include in this blog.


Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home


Keto Restaurant Dining

Low carbohydrate diets seem to be gaining lots of popularity, especially the ultra-low carb nutritional plans like the Ketogenic Diet, because of its success with helping people to control their cravings and lose weight. The keto diet is all about reducing the amount of glycogen (stored form of carbohydrates) in the body so that it runs off an alternative energy source known as ketones. Ketones are produced when the body is in a state of ketosis which come from reducing your carb intake to around 50 grams a day or less.

Five Things You Can Make With Leftover Sushi

If you've got leftover sushi, you can reuse it in a range of ways. Take a look at these ideas. Some of them are so yummy, you might want to ask the sushi restaurant for extras just so you can make these treats: 1. Morning-After Eggs and Rice Some people love leftover sushi as-is for their breakfast, but if you prefer to alter it a bit, heat up the leftovers and throw two fried eggs over them.