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Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home

When you travel, it feels as if there are two worlds: your home and the rest of the world. When you step into a restaurant, this feeling is echoed, and it changes based on which restaurant you are in. Right around the corner from home, a restaurant may feel like you are in Thailand eating pad Thai, in America enjoying a cheese burger or in France eating snails. In other cases, you may be half way around the globe in a spot full of Aussies that makes you feel like you are back home. Hi, my name is Betina, and I love eating out and travelling. This blog looks at everything related to those concepts. It talks about the sense of home and away in restaurants. Whether you are a diner or a restaurateur, I hope you enjoy the diverse posts I include in this blog.


Restaurants: Creating Worldwide Appeal and a Sense of Home

Fine dining restaurant receptions for your wedding

by Melinda Lawson

If you are having a smaller wedding and love fine dining you might be interested in having your wedding reception in your local fine dining restaurant. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Fine dining restaurants have a classic and pared down ambience with low level meeting and classic decor. This can be a great way to keep your wedding classy and low key while still prioritising the aspects of your wedding that you find important - such as great food.


If you want to have speeches, these will probably not be that popular in the main dining area where other diners are having quiet dinners. If you want to have speeches, it's worth investigating if your local favourite fine dining restaurant has a private function room where you can have a little more privacy and can make some more noise without interrupting other diners. Otherwise it may be a great excuse to stop your drunk relatives from making embarrassing speeches!

Adventurous ingredients

Even if you have a brave palate and love to try new foods with new and crazy ingredients, it's worth contemplating if there are fussy eaters in your wedding party. If you have some specific ingredients or styles of cooking that people are not likely to enjoy eating, you can ask the chef to structure a menu around those tastes. This can help you to have a more enjoyable meal, knowing that your friends and family are also able to enjoy the delicious food.

Space to dance

If you and your guests would like to get down on the dance floor, you should plan an after dinner session at a local bar or nightclub. This can be a great opportunity for the quieter or tired guests (or bride and groom) to make a discreet exit.

A wedding cake

If you are eager to have a wedding cake, you may need to take a different approach to the cutting the cake, such as cutting a ceremonial cake at the table and then getting the kitchen to serve cake slices to everyone. Fine dining restaurants are very customer focused, so they will usually to allow you to bring in a wedding cake for this occasion, or may be able to make one in-house.

As you can see, if you are having a smaller wedding party and want to have a classy and low key wedding, have the wedding reception at your favourite fine dining restaurant can be a great solution.